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Multi-Strand Necklace Mix

I'm a little behind on posting, but I've still been busily creating. By coincidence, I have several multi-strand necklaces to show off. The first, I actually made back before Christmas, and I just realized that I hadn't posted the pictures. The second one I made for my mom at her request, and the last one I made for a friend. It was based on one that I made for myself very early on in my beading efforts. I think the contrast between the two shows the progress in my skills.


The focal bead in this one is walnut jasper. The accent beads are shell and tiger's eye on strands of Czech glass seed beads. This one will be going up for sale on Etsy shortly.


I made my mom some brick stitched, fringed earrings for Mother's Day, and she liked them enough to want a necklace to match. To match the strands of fringe in the earrings, I decided to go with a multi-strand necklace. Honestly, I would have ideally added 2-3 more strands, but I ran out of matching beads and wasn't able to get more. On the other hand, keeping it to three strands keeps it simple. My mom liked it.


Almost exactly two years ago, now that I look at it, just about two months after I started beading, I made myself a multi-strand necklace using black seed beads and silver metal leaves. My friend Sonya loved it, so I went back out and and bought some more leaves to make her one just like it. For some reason, it's taken me two whole years to actually make it. The upside is that I've gotten a lot better in two years, so this one looks and drapes a lot better than the original. Lately, I've been focusing on using findings and making the finishing details of my work more polished. In this case, I'm particularly pleased with having found end cones that match the leaf beads and the leaf dangle at the end of the clasp chain.